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TSHHRAE Wage and Benefit Survey


Werling Associates, Inc. is proud to announce the publication of the 2022 Texas Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration and Education (TSHHRAE) Wage and Benefit Survey. This survey is part of a continuing effort to provide human resource-related consulting services and support to the Texas Healthcare community. Please take a moment to review this page outlining highlights from the survey. Please contact us if you need additional information. To purchase the survey, complete the order form above and mail or fax it to Werling Associates, Inc., or email it to


Wage data is reported as of February 1, 2022.

Survey published on June 01, 2022.

The survey provides comprehensive information on 392 positions in the healthcare field. The report includes data from 58 organizations, encompassing 229 locations, and reporting data on 165,560 incumbents in the healthcare field, a 12% increase of incumbents over 2021.

The job number, job title, job description, and minimum education and/or certification for the positions is provided. Data includes the number of organizations reporting data and the total number of employees for each job. Wage information reported for base pay and total compensation includes: average pay, 10th percentile, 25th percentile, median, 75th percentile, and 90th percentile. In accordance with the Department of Justice wage survey guidelines for safe harbor, results are provided where at least five organizations reported wage data. All individual participant’s data is kept confidential.

Surveys were sent to hospitals and other healthcare organizations throughout Texas. Participants were asked to report data where at least 80% of the duties described are performed by the incumbent(s).

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