Werling Associates, Inc

At times, every company needs some direction. Someone to put the pieces together and provide integrated, strategic leadership in the confusing field of human resource management. Werling Associates, Inc. provides your organization with solutions and leadership. Werling Associates, Inc. is a professional, full-service, human resource management consulting firm. Our clients range from small organizations of less than fifty employees to large multi-facility systems with thousands of employees. Werling Associates, Inc has extensive experience in the healthcare, college/university, manufacturing, banking and service industries. Following is a list of our services:

  • Compensation
  • Custom Wage and Benefit Surveys
  • Employee (Climate/Attitude) Surveys

Werling Associates History


Over the past 25 years, Werling Associates, Inc. has provided compensation consulting support to a wide range of organizations in the San Antonio area, across Texas, and across the country. The organizations vary from not-for-profit organizations with a few employees, to government agencies, healthcare corporations with several thousand employees, and medium-sized organizations in a variety of industries. Consultation activities range from advice and discussion on specific compensation issues to complete pay system designs for organizations with multiple locations across the country and thousands of employees.

What we do

HR Solutions

Werling Associates, Inc. emphasizes quality, customized services to all of its clients. The longevity of our staff provides for a continuity of service that in some instances extends beyond the client’s current staff. Our dedication to leading edge, research-based modeling allows us to provide innovative options to our clients for compensation system design and individual wage determination.





Investing in human resources is investing in the heart of your business -- if the heart is strong, the entire foundation is strong, too. At Werling, we help you get there.
Dr. Steve Werling