Werling Solutions

Werling Associates believes that investing in your most valuable resource—your human resource—is money well spent. At the same time, Werling Associates believes in spending wisely. Through state-of-the-art, strategically aligned systems and techniques, Werling Associates, Inc. provides many creative solutions to the challenges that face all companies with respect to human resources. From compensation to performance, management, selection processes to customized surveys, Werling Associates, Inc. offers you solutions and leadership. Please review the services we offer and contact one of our associates to learn how Werling Associates, Inc. can assist in the complicated field of human resources management.


A process for every project

  • Compensation
  • Custom Wage and Benefit Surveys
  • Employee (Climate/Attitude) Surveys
Custom Surveys
Systems Design
Policy Development


Are you looking for an expert on employee pay, employee performance management or business consulting for an upcoming event? Dr. Stephen Werling is a professional speaker, instructor, and consultant who can help you with succinct and insightful analysis of the issues. His topics include the following:

  • Compensation Management
  • Evaluating Human Resources Management Effectiveness
  • Individual Pay Determinations
  • Labor Markets: Labor Shortages, Inflation, and Wage Inflation
  • Managing Pay Equity
  • Pay System Design
  • Wage and Benefits Surveys